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Breeder: Realm of Kooey
winner of the Colour Matcher Mascot contest.
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Banana Chocolate Colour Legions
Grey Legions Jewel KORR
Lagoon Nut Perfect Pastels
Pure Colours Pure Greys R0b0t & Steampunk
Secret Garden Space Spectral

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[Mosaic Colour Cooperative]
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Ever wanted to know if your pony has a colour that is included in Pony Island’s official or unofficial colour charts? Well, now you can! Just enter the URL of your pony’s profile page into the search box and all will be revealed. You can:
  • Choose how close you want your colour matches to be using the threshold dropdown.
  • Decide how many results you want displayed.
  • Choose which colour groups you wish to include in your search.
  • Customise this page with a theme selected from those provided so you can view colours against a background colour of your choice.
I have provided a brief explanation of the colour groups used on this tool for reference, as a starting point only, with links to the various clubs and/or associations linked with each. Please note, GAP colours are included in the Colour Legions group.

This tool uses cookies so be sure to have them enabled for it to work. If you have any questions, suggestions or problems then please PM Matchmaker on PonyIsland.

Please note if you are using the IE6 browser this tool may not render exactly as intended.
A big thank you goes out to Pristine for drawing the Colour Matcher Mascot, those who tested this tool in its beta form and gave suggestions (MOP, Ktrenal, Silverfall, LNS, Red Flame, Pristine, Kendrah and springacres), and last but not least to Night_Dancer for invaluable advice! Also thanks to everyone who participated in the breed the Colour Matcher Mascot contest, especially to Realm of Kooey who bred the winner Matchmaker, just 69pts off the required colours.

All images used on this site apart from the Colour Matcher Mascot are owned by and copyright of and are used with kind permission of VeeZ and ZarqX. Permission must be obtained before using any of these images outside of PonyIsland. The Colour Matcher Mascot is owned by Matchmaker and the image may not be reproduced elsewhere. This site and tool are not a part of PonyIsland and carry no warranty.

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