Pure Greys

Pure greys are any colour with repeating triplets, such as #A5A5A5 or 202|202|202. They fall into 16 categories, ranging from the palest near-white shade (#EFEFEF or 254|254|254) to the darkest near-black (#010101 or 001|001|001):

These 16 main classes of greys are shown below:

[Pure Greys]

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Grey Legions

Grey Legions were developed for use in Azuyan Roleplays as a Legion challenge and are made up of particular shades of the Pure Greys described above, separated into Pale Grey, Mid Grey, Dark Grey and Elite Grey Legions, each having 36 shades of grey. Grey Legions are particularly affiliated with the Gray Order and the associated Gray Isles.

Pale Grey Legion

[Pale Grey Legion Colours]

Medium Grey Legion

[Medium Grey Legion Colours]

Dark Grey Legion

[Dark Grey Legion Colours]

Elite Grey Legion

[Elite Grey Legion Colours]

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Sugar Colours

LNS is the creator of the Sugar Isles and their colours. They are an official part of Azuyan and the PI game, and you can find out more about the Sugar Isles by joining the Sweet As Can Be Association.

For more about the Sugar Isles themselves, please visit the official Sugar Isles thread in the Azuyan Showcase, or the same thread in the Sweet As Can Be association (you need to join the association to view).

[Sugar Isles Colours]

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Spectral Legion

The Spectral colours are a set of 36 colours that were introduced on PI in 2008 and were created by Jadzhia to be an official part of the Azuyan RP, forming a new Legion breeding challenge. The Spectral colours are shown below:

[Spectral Legion Colours]

More information on Spectral colours can be found in the Azuyan showcase thread.

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Space Colours

The Space colours were created by Motherofpearlz and Jadzhia as an official addition to the Azuyan colour charts and part of the RP. Some of the colours (such as Aspene, Pardium) are named after elements found in Azuyan space. Others such as Drazi and Moowa are named after Azuyan space critters.

[Space Colours]

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PI Jewels

The colours and club were originally created by Wystearya. Twelve new colours were added to the original twenty-four at the end of 2011 by Jadzhia, to give a total of thirty-six colours, thereby making this collection of colours suitable for Legion breeding.

[Jewel Colours]

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